Awesome Good Morning Quotes For Friends:

A true friendship is like a flower that should be continually kept up to grow more. Social organisations, for example Facebook has grown up the opportunities to extend your friendships universally. The best, proper and the cheapest way to get your friendship in order is to send messages to them to let them know that you have think about them. Here are some Good Morning Messages For Friends which are perfect to show that how long way can a couple of words go.

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The most ideal way to say good morning to your loved one is by sending them marvelous good morning messages. Here we have some wonderful and amazing messages that you can send to your family, friends and whatever to that person which matters throughout your life.
There are various ways everybody wish good morning to their loved ones. Some with a cute smile and other with a cup of tea or coffee. Many of our friends and family members are physically far away from us but even close to our heart. The best way to show your love towards them is to sending them a charming good morning message that fills their heart with joy and make the day happy by your small message. Motivational or inspirational Good Morning Quotes For Friends is one of the small things that can make your friends all happy the whole day.

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1. Nothing can make me so happy neither the cold shower nor the winter morning as your sparkling smile…so keep smiling always. Good Morning dear!!
2. Night has gone taking the darkness away from you…now the sun is brightening your day so wake up and accept the opportunities given by the sun. Gud Mng Buddy!!
3. I don’t want to wake up, don’t want to the work all i want is to texting you all the day my friend. What can be more pleasurable than it. Good Morning .. have a nice day!!
4. Having morning coffee..watching sunrise in the morning brings me a lot of happiness but there is lack of a little thing; you are not here with me. Good Morning friend!!
5. We are living in a colourful world. Yellow color of sun, green grass and blue sky fills our life with colors. May your day as colourful as the nature. Good Morning Dear!!

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6. Without sun people can’t imagine life on the planet but i can’t imagine my life without you, my friend. Gud Mng..have a great day!!
7. I was waiting for the morning..and the time has come now. Good Morning, Wake up my friend. Get ready and come immediately… i’m waiting.
8. Money is not the real wealth. It can’t buy love and friendship. So i don’t run for money in the morning but i wish you a good morning to buy the precious love from you, my friend.
9. Everybody feel embarrassed sometimes but i never because i have a very supportive and caring friend. Do you know..who is this?? My friend – YOU. Good Morning!!
10. It’s morning wake up buddy and go to the new place, new destination and new heights of your life. Good Morning!!

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11. A very good morning to very good friend. May your day fill your life with all the happiness of this world. Good Morning Buddy!!
12. A perfect day is not the on which starts with coffee or tea but the perfect is that which starts with you. Good Morning dear friend!!
13. Every new morning is a new beginning of life. Forget the past and live the present. Good Morning friend… have a nice day.
14. You should regret your past…every new day should be an another opportunity to make that mistake right. Good Morning friend!!
15. Today’s morning i thought the special person of my life and you strike to my mind. The warm sunrising is beautiful but our friendship is more beautiful. Good morning friend!!

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Here we have Good Morning Quotes for Friends that will start their day with inspiration and confidence. Sending a motivational good morning message to your best friend will let him/her know that you are considering them in the very morning. This will give an incredible warm up in you friendship that will last forever in you life.

16. Yesterday can never be like today and tomorrow will not be like live today forgetting everything of past and future. Good Morning!!
17. Happiness is the gift for those who think positive and good thoughts in morning. Wake up it’s morning…gud mng dear!!
18. When morning air blows over your face..just feel it someone far away is missing you. Good Morning!!
19. Open your eyes and feel the morning air…feel the chirping birds and thanks all that beautiful things around you..especially thanks to our friendship. Good Morning!!
20. A true friend is precious gift from god that worths more than gold. What can be better time to wish friend than early morning?? Good Morning!!
21. Never let worries put down because i’m always with you all my efforts dear friend. Good Morning!!
22. A good friend like you is more than a bless. It’s morning wake up and start a new day with a new hope. Good Morning!!
23. Relationships are based on the expectations and responsibility but friendships are based on smiles and laughter. Good Morning dear!!
24. I can imagine the end of the world but i can’t imagine the end of our friendship. Good Morning friend!!
25. Whether there is any problem but if a friend like you is with me then i can overcome any obsttacle coming in my life journey. Good Morning dear friend!!

26. To the first and the very special friend i’m sending this good morning wish for the beautiful morning and the rest of the day. GOod Morning !!
27. There is nothing better than to get up in the morning knowing that there is a person who love in a way that you do. Good Morning!!
28. Me and you may be the morning persons, if morning happened at Noon. Good Morning dear!!
29. Good thoughts precede good deeds. Good deeds precede success. Good Morning friend!!
30. Every new morning makes a new day and every new day have a chance to change your life. Good Morning!!
31. Good Morning dude!! Wake up and share your lovely smile with the world.
32. Holding a poor hand gives us much more happiness than that of holding a good hand. Good Morning!!
33. Never get disappointed of how bad your life is going on… always wake up with a good smile and thank to god that you have one. Good Morning!!


Good night words are very loving and special and it shows that someone is giving you importance. If you are married so, you should say daily good night to your wife with very special an loving words. Your words can make her happy and glad. If you are searching for best and unique good night wishes so, this time we are offering you here 10 best good night wishes for wife. We hope you will like it.

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Ι wish I wοuld there to hοld you Τight,
Ιnstead of saying Τhis loving Good Νight.

Can’t wait to be in your arms again, my love. Good Night.

I love you my dear
have a sweet night rest&sweet dreams.

Make me realize that my life is the best. Good night.

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Stay as you are my wife.Good night to you my love!

My heart beat whch beats only for you. Good Night baby.

To say good bye,Its means a break,For a night
Good night

Yοu are Τhe sweetest of Αll. Good Νight Sweetie.
Hope that you had a wonderful day! Good Night.

You are the dream that every man wants to see, but only a man like me who gets to open his eyes to. Good night sweetheart.

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Looking at the moon’s radiant shine bouncing off your beautiful face, all the worries of my life vanish without a trace. I love you, good night.

To my sweetest dream, prettiest fantasy, loveliest thought and dearest wife – good night.

I love all the stars in the sky, but they are nothing compared to the ones in your eyes! So I’ll think about you as I turn in for the night. Good Night!

One day I wish my dream would come true And I’d wake up next to you. Till then Good Night!

Every night I love coming back home. Because home is being in your arms. Good night my love!

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My little angel let you sleep like a baby and dream like a princess! Goodnight my cutie!

The cool breeze touching you brings my wishes for you to have a wonderful night with sweet dreams!

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Let your body and mind rest well and enter the world of dreams! My gentle and warm hugs be your companion to make your night a romantic night!

I wish I was the sheet on your bed – that way I could feel you on me. Missing you so much this night.